Do you struggle to bend over and clean your feet?
Neglect your feet? Consider it a chore?
The Footbot™️ Cleanser provides a thorough cleaning of your feet with a one-touch hands-free solution with no bending or vigorous movements necessary. This is the world’s first fully automated foot scrubbing device designed to maintain healthy feet with minimal effort.
The Footbot Cleanser is powerful foot scrubbing device with a motorized cleaning brush. It is shower proof and can be used in the shower with the water ON. It is rechargeable, cordless, and durable. It will make your feet feel the cleanest they have ever felt! And, with little to no effort on your part. 

With a conveniently placed push button switch, you can turn ON your Footbot Cleanser with the touch of your foot, which starts the cleaning cycle for one minute at a time. 

The flexible brush cleans and scrubs as you move your foot over, under and around allowing the bristles to exfoliate and lightly massage your feet.

Clean your feet at least once a day and you will feel and see the difference. Go places, have fun, maintain your feet!
The Footbot Cleanser™️ has been designed so that everyone can benefit by using it on a regular basis. 

PEOPLE ON THEIR FEET ALL DAY - Regardless of what you do, if you are on your feet all day, make no mistake, by the time you get home we know your are exhausted and your feet ache. There is no better way to relax with a refreshing foot massage with the Footbot™️ Cleanser.

MOMS - The un-sung hero of every home, we've got you. If anyone deserves a little TLC it's mom, with those extra long hours running around, making sure everything is running smoothly in the household, there is no better way to relax at the end of the day than taking a hot shower and using the Footbot™️ Cleanser to gently clean and massage your feet.

DADS - We have not forgotten you dad, we know how hard you work too, and pampering is not just for moms right! Get yourself in the shower and rejuvenate with the Footbot™️ Cleanser. The bristles feel amazing on your feet and between your toes, they softly massage your foot all over leaving you with that feeling of "now my feet can breathe".

OLDER GENERATION - Let's face it, it does get more difficult to wash our feet thoroughly as we get older, either because of stiffer joints or just problems in general with our joints. Therefore, being able to wash and scrub your feet without having to bend over is such a huge benefit.

SPORTY - You don't become fit over night, it takes months and years or hard work, focus and dedication, even if it is just at fun level. After every run, workout, cycle or whatever your sport, a long refreshing shower is a must. Combine that with using the Footbot™️ Cleanser and you will feel as if you are floating, your feet will feel totally different after a scrub and gentle exfoliation. Don't believe us, just try it!

PEOPLE WHO FIND IT DIFFICULT TO BEND OVER - "I have just had hip surgery and find it very frustrating that I can't clean my feet they way I want to, using a brush on a stick was OK but not that effective. After trying the Footbot™️ Cleanser everything changed for me, I could clean my feet better than before I had the operation. This product is a GAME CHANGER" - this is just one testimonial we had from someone who finds it difficult to bend over, there are numerous reasons why you find it difficult to bend over, whatever your reason, the Footbot™️ Cleanser can help.

MOMS TO BE - Congratulations, what a wonderful time and experience, you are having a baby! Wait, what's that you said, you can clean your feet in the shower, don't worry, the Footbot™️ Cleanser is the perfect product for you. You can wash your feet with ease and without worry. Bonus time, you will still love this after your child is born as the Footbot™️ Cleanser is great for EVERYBODY!

Athlete’s foot is basically a fungus that grows on your feet which can cause itching, burning, peeling and something an odor. The skin on your feet becomes white and scaly and sometimes has a reddish base to it. Athlete’s foot can be prevented by keeping your feet clean.
Calluses form on the bottom of your feet especially under the heels or balls, and on the sides of toes. These compressed patches of dead skin cells can be hard and painful. Calluses can be eradicated by scrubbing your feet daily with a brush.
Heel fissures or cracked heels can be embarrassing when people look at it, but more importantly it can lead to serious health issues if left untreated. Cracked heels occur when the skin on the bottom on the edge of your heel becomes hard. 
If you find it difficult or even impossible to bend over and clean your feet, inevitably your feet will become dirty after a while. This can ultimately cause your feet to smell and potentially harvest fungi and other growths.
1 x Footbot™️ Cleanser
Manufactured from durable engineering plastic providing a robust device that will withstand the day to day use for years to come.

Available with a white body and the option of a pink or blue brush
1 x Footbot™️ Unscented Natural Foot Soap
The Footbot™ unscented Natural Foot Soap has been formulated to work with your Footbot™ Cleanser to give your the best experience washing and cleaning your feet.

With 100% all natural ingredients and made in USA
1 x Footbot™️ Moisture Lock
The Footbot™ Moisture Lock has been specially formulated to lock in moisture and make your feet feel smooth and supple.
Used twice a day you will see and feel an improvement with your feet, particularly if you suffer from dry skin and cracked heels.
1 x Dual Voltage Charger
Our dedicated Footbot™ charge comes with a US pin configuration and for convenience, we have made this dual voltage compatible.

110/240V 50/60Hz 
1 x Universal Mounting Pad
We have included a universal Mounting Pad to mount your Footbot™ Cleanser on virtually any bathroom surface. 

If your bathtub, shower, or bathroom floor is TEXTURED; you should install the mounting pad. Suction cups will not stick to textured surfaces. This Includes textured tile and bumpy or ribbed molded floors. 
Brush Color Options
You can chose either a PINK or BLUE when you order the Footbot Cleanser.

We also have soft bristle option if you have sensitive skin on your feet. Just email us for this option before placing your order.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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We are committed to customer service!
We understand our Customers are life of our business.
If you're not happy, we're not happy.
Any problems or concerns, We will make it right.
Footbot™ Cleanser is built using the finest materials available.
It is designed to be safe, durable, and last for years.
We offer Free Shipping and Free returns for 90 days.
You may email us anytime at or
Request a call-back at your convenience
Many thanks, Footbot Team
Will the brush hurt my feet?
The brush has been specifically designed to clean your feet by gently brushing them with the 36,000 hypoallergenic nylon bristles. If you have very sensitive skin, there is the option of ordering the longer bristle brush which is even more gentle on your feet than our standard brush.
I have sensitive skin, is there a softer brush?
The Footbot™️ Cleanser comes with an 2 3/4 ″ diameter brush which gives you a invigorating foot scrub and massage, however, if you have sensitive skin on your feet my may want to go for the larger diameter brush of 3 5/32″ which has longer bristles giving your a softer smoother foot scub.
Is the brush available in different colors?
At the moment you can select from a blue or a pink brush. We will be offering different color brushes later and we will make then available in the online store.
Is the Footbot™️ Cleanser dual voltage?
The Footbot™️ Cleanser uses rechargeable batteries, the fast charger that is supplied with the Footbot is dual voltage and can be used with 110V and 240V mains supply.
Why wont my Footbot™️ Cleanser stick to my shower floor?
Some bath or shower floors have a textured or rough finish, if this is the case with your flooring, the suction feet will not be able to obtain a full suction, therefore the Footbot™️ will not stay stuck in place. For this reason, we supply a universal mounting pad which can but fixed in place with the double sided tape which is attached to the pad. The Footbot™️ can then be placed onto the pad with full suction.
Will the Footbot™️ Cleanser get rid of my hard skin?
It is recommended you use the Footbot™️ Cleanseronce a day, if you do this you will see a reduction in your hard skin within a month. For best results apply the Footbot™️ Moisture Lock foot balm after you have used the Footbot™️ Cleanser.
Can I purchase spares for my Footbot™️ Cleanser ?
The spares or replacement parts available are: 1) replacement brushes, 2) replacement suction cups, 3) additional universal mounting pads, 4) charger. All these spares can be purchase through our online store.
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